September 1, 2019

David Sorn

Is anxiety weighing you down? Fight back with 9 truths from Jesus!

September 1, 2019

David Sorn

Is anxiety weighing you down? Fight back with 9 truths from Jesus!


FAMILY FUN DAY (Family Fun Day Slide)

Morning. We are just 3 weeks away from our massive outreach, Family Fun Day

On September 22nd, we’re expecting one-thousand visitors as we’ll have food trucks, inflatables and a whole lot more.

And we’ll have 4 services that day to fit everyone in!

And inside…we’ll present the Gospel to everyone…and tell them how they can have a saving relationship with Jesus Christ

FYI: We’re still in need of ____ volunteers to pull this off outside.

That’s a ton!

This outreach literally doesn’t work without ALL of us picking up an oar and serving.

Please, if you haven’t signed up to serve yet, do so on your app (via the connect tab) or out in the hallway

And most importantly, I want all of you to pray about who you can bring with you to hear the Gospel.

We want you to sit in a service w/ someone who doesn’t know Christ…and serve later outside.

Give your day to Jesus that day…

Trust me it’ll be worth it.

Is it a neighbor who doesn’t go to church?

A co-worker?

A family member?

In fact, I want us to take a minute and just silently ask God to put someone on our hearts…that He wants there that day to hear about Him.

Would you join me in doing that?


We live in a time where anxiety is on a meteoric rise.

The percentage of people struggling with some form of anxiety is rising quickly.

It depends on which study you read, but many studies report that 19% of adults are now struggling with some type of consistent anxiety

For females, it’s 23%

“Millennials are experiencing rates of anxiety at almost twice that of Generation X or Baby Boomers.

And people are looking for answers.

I read this week that book sellers are even saying that the number of books they’re selling about the topic of anxiety are growing by 25% year over year!

But this morning, I’m going to read to you from a book in which the author knows a deeper truth…because…He is the truth ☺

We’re going to take a look at what Jesus says on anxiety and worry.

Now, people throw out words like “worry” and “anxiety” a lot nowadays…without any sort of definition.

So let me give some definition to what we will be talking about.

There is a basic anxiety that every one of us deals with from time to time.

People used to just call this “worry,” but now worry is often called anxiety as well.

But there is also a clinical anxiety that many struggle with…and it’s not the same as a general worry.

This is often characterized by things like panic attacks, certain phobias, or an anxiety that seems to almost cripple daily living.

Most of what Jesus is addressing in our passage today is closer to basic worry…or what many now label a basic anxiety.

But if you’re dealing with a clinical anxiety, although I suspect some of this will be helpful, you’re probably going to need even more personalized help from a specialist

This is just a good starting point.

We are in chapter 12 of Luke. A few quick notes on it:

I was really trying to, but I wasn’t able to get to Jesus’ words last week on the “Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit” (the unforgivable sin) which was in our passage for last week…and I wish I would have had time.

We cover this in some detail in our Theology 201 summer class, but the most important thing to know about this is, “If you’re worried that you’ve blasphemed the Holy Spirit by speaking against Him…you haven’t.”

If anyone has done this, they would feel zero regret over such a thing.

Again, wish I had more time on this…but we’re already taking 3 years on this book, so we have to keep moving ☺

If you have more questions on it, send me an email, and I can send you some resources to study.

By the way, next week, we’re going to take a little break from the Book of Luke for a while, and we’re starting a new series called “The Chief Virtue”

I’m going to talk to you about what the Bible lays out as the most important virtue…or character quality to have in your life.

In Luke 12, we are skipping over verses 13-21, because it’s a passage I’ve already taught on twice to our church, including once just last year.

So we will be starting on verse 22 this morning.

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My aim for this morning is to give you 9 Biblical Truths from Jesus that you can have in your quiver as you fight against the battle of worry in your life.

My hope is that 1, or 2, or even 3 of these really hit home for what you’re dealing with in your life right now.

And you can pull that truth out of your quiver and shoot out that truth against worry & anxiety.


(Luke 12:22-23) - NIV

Then Jesus said to his disciples: “Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat; or about your body, what you will wear. 23 For life is more than food, and the body more than clothes.

This is the first truth you can use to fight anxiety

9 Truths to Fight Anxiety

#1: Life is More Than Physical Things

This verse is a bit fascinating to me.

We kind of expect that Jesus would say, “Don’t worry about the type of job you would have…or the size of your house…or your relationships…”

But Jesus STARTS by breaking the topic down to the core necessities of food and clothing.

And he says, “Yeah, don’t even worry about that!”

Now, why would Jesus say that?

Jesus wants you to see that life is more than just physical things…even food and clothing.

We are not animals.

Animals only worry about the physical.

Do I have food? Am I warm? Am I safe?

But you are an eternal being…one that will live forever.

And if you only are worrying about the physical things, the earthly things, you are beginning to lose sight of your spiritual immortality

…and that earth, is just a temporary home for you.

One of the things that’s important to keep in mind is that our worries reveal what we worship.

And if your mind is always on the physical things of this world (money, status, housing, etc.), that means that your mind is most concerned with the physical, not the spiritual.

So one of the ways you fight worry & anxiety is you turn your mind more to the eternal and less to the physical and temporary.

So when you are feeling anxious about something at work or at home…take a moment and look up…

And ask, “Will this project that’s stressing me out…really matter, 10,000 years from now?”

When worry comes, look beyond the physical, look up.


Okay, next truth

(Luke 12:24) – NIV

24 Consider the ravens: They do not sow or reap, they have no storeroom or barn; yet God feeds them. And how much more valuable you are than birds!

Here’s our truth from this verse:

9 Truths to Fight Anxiety

#1: Life is More Than Physical Things

#2: You are Valuable to God

Jesus points out that God cares even for the ravens.

Just a common bird.

In fact, according to the Old Testament, Jews even considered the ravens to be “unclean”

And yet even the ravens can trust in God to feed them.

The raven doesn’t fly around thinking, “Oh no, how will I eat today…what if a storm comes tomorrow? What if another bird eats all of my worms? What if…”

No, they trust in God for today.

And so can you.


Because you are way more valuable than a bird…and God takes care of them.

Think of your possessions.

What are the things that you really take care of??

The things you value the most!

And God says you are of an incredible value to Him.

If you were sitting in a room with God, and He looked you in the eye and said, “I love you so much, and you are of an incredible value to me”

Would you say to Him, “I’m so worried about tomorrow…or next month…it’s going to be a disaster”

No, you’d almost be unable to get those words out.

Because his words of love and value would assure you…that you don’t have to worry.

We take care of the things we value, and so does He.


(Luke 12:25-26) – NIV

25 Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to your life? 26 Since you cannot do this very little thing, why do you worry about the rest?

Here’s our truth from these verses:

9 Truths to Fight Anxiety

#1: Life is More Than Physical Things

#2: You are Valuable to God

#3: Worrying is a Waste of Time

Jesus is telling us that worrying will accomplish nothing.

There was a study done a few years ago that proved that a whopping 85% of what we worry about never comes to fruition.

This is a truth you need to speak into your own life to battle the anxiety that many of you have about what “might” happen to you tomorrow, or this Fall, or next year.

When you catch yourself going over the doomsday scenarios for what “might” happen for 10 minutes…or 40 minutes…at a time…

Stop…and tell yourself, “This is a waste of my time. It’s changing nothing.”

Too many of us are false prophets to our own minds.

But think about this, if you have time to worry, you have time to pray.

We need to turn our worries into prayers.

Because, if you’re on your knees…and you’re bringing your worries and your situation to God…that’s prayer.

But if you’re just telling yourself about what “might” happen (and not God), nothing is going to come of that.

It’s a waste of your time…

And it will only serve to raise your stress level.


Let’s keep going:

(Luke 12:27-28) – NIV

27 “Consider how the wild flowers grow. They do not labor or spin. Yet I tell you, not even Solomon in all his splendor was dressed like one of these. 28 If that is how God clothes the grass of the field, which is here today, and tomorrow is thrown into the fire, how much more will he clothe you—you of little faith!

Here’s our truth from these verses:

9 Truths to Fight Anxiety

#1: Life is More Than Physical Things

#2: You are Valuable to God

#3: Worrying is a Waste of Time

#4: Flowers don’t Write their Future

Jesus says that we are to “consider how the wild flowers grow.”

Okay…let’s consider it…

The flowers don’t sit down and say, “Here’s what’s going to happen…it’s going to rain for 12.5 days this month, I’ll get 14 hours of a sunshine on the other 18.5 days, and then, I’ll be a perfect diameter, with 16 pedals…”

They’re wild flowers.

They neither write nor determine their future.

God does.

And so they don’t need to worry about it.

One of THE main reasons so many of us worry about the future is because we have a “God complex”

Think about it…if you’re worried about what might go wrong tomorrow, or next month…what’s underneath that?

It’s that you “know”…

You “know” how things are supposed to look.

You “know” exactly what should happen if life is going to be okay.

And you’re worried that life might deviate from that.

You’re worried that God might get it wrong…

But do our lives ever go exactly how we planned them?

A massive part of letting go of worry & anxiety is letting go of trying to be God…and trying to write your own future.

Trust Him.

Flowers don’t write their future and neither do you.

The next truth shows us WHY we can trust Him


(Luke 12:29-30) – NIV

29 And do not set your heart on what you will eat or drink; do not worry about it. 30 For the pagan world runs after all such things, and your Father knows that you need them.

Here’s our truth from these verses:

9 Truths to Fight Anxiety

#1: Life is More Than Physical Things

#2: You are Valuable to God

#3: Worrying is a Waste of Time

#4: Flowers don’t Write their Future

#5: You Have a Father

This is key.

Jesus is saying that the pagan world (those who don’t know Him) …

They “run after” all the physical and worldly things…

They have to have the right clothes…

They have to eat at the right restaurants…and share it on social media.

They have to have the right kind of design in their house…

And why?

Why do they “have to have” that?

Because they find their identity in such things.

But you don’t need to find your identity in that.

Your identity is that you are a daughter of God…a son of God.

Jesus says that He is your Father.

And good fathers care for their children.

They provide for their children.

#6: Seek the Kingdom First

(Luke 12:31) - NIV

31 But seek his kingdom, and these things will be given to you as well.

In the parallel version in Matthew, Jesus says, “Seek First the Kingdom (and his righteousness), and all of these things will be given to you as well.”

Here’s our truth from these verses:

9 Truths to Fight Anxiety

#1: Life is More Than Physical Things

#2: You are Valuable to God

#3: Worrying is a Waste of Time

#4: Flowers don’t Write their Future

#5: You Have a Father

#6: Seek First the Kingdom

This one is a major understanding you must have if you want to follow Christ.

First and foremost, we live for Jesus and His Kingdom.

He’s first.

He’s first in your decisions

He’s first in your finances

He’s first in your relationships

He’s first in your time

We seek Him first and put Him first.

And the promise from Jesus is, if you do that, all the other things we worry about (because we’re trusting in God and living by His good and Godly principles), they’ll fall in line.

But if you get this backwards…which most American Christians do…and we only invite Jesus into our lives where we can squeeze Him in…

…it won’t work…and it’ll actually double your anxiety.

If you’re seeking your own desires first in your decisions, with your finances, with your relationships, with your time…

Your life will start to unravel in front of you.

And it will double the amount of things you have to worry about.

Seek Him First.


(Luke 12:32) – NIV

32 “Do not be afraid, little flock, for your Father has been pleased to give you the kingdom.

This almost reads like a quick parentheses.

Jesus is saying, “Seek First the Kingdom of God…”

Oh, and by the way, you don’t then, have to fear anything…because think about this…God has given you the Kingdom!

This is another powerful truth in your quiver to combat anxiety with

9 Truths to Fight Anxiety

#1: Life is More Than Physical Things

#2: You are Valuable to God

#3: Worrying is a Waste of Time

#4: Flowers don’t Write their Future

#5: You Have a Father

#6: Seek First the Kingdom

#7: God has Given You the Kingdom

The Kingdom of God…is where you experience life with God as King.

It starts here on earth and continues when we’ll be in His presence forever in heaven.

Do you know what this is saying?

It sounds a bit theological, but it doesn’t have to be that complex.

So, let’s say you’re worrying about a health issue…

Jesus is saying, “My flock, I am your shepherd, and your Father Has given you the Kingdom…as a believer in me, He has promised you life in paradise.”

See, if we were to think more of heaven, we wouldn’t be so dismayed by what happens to us on earth.

Yes, your health is difficult, or even failing.

But fear not, because this life is but a blink, and then you will have a new body, one that will never wear out or get old…in heaven, forever.

God is saying, “Yes, times are hard, but I have given you myself…and I am with you right now.”

This is such an antidote to anxiety because anxiety wants to say to you, “Oh no, everything’s going downhill…everything’s going wrong…you’re in trouble now…the worst is coming.”

But good Christian thinking is, “No, the best is coming!”

Yes, it might be difficult for a bit, but the BEST is yet to come.

God is good!


(Luke 12:33) – NIV

33 Sell your possessions and give to the poor. Provide purses for yourselves that will not wear out, a treasure in heaven that will never fail, where no thief comes near and no moth destroys.

Things take a bit of an unexpected turn at verse 33.

At least to those of us who live in a materialistic culture, which is 100% of the people in this room.

And that means that we’re a bit more blind to what Jesus is talking about here than much of the rest of the world.

Remember that Jesus is speaking these words (about selling possessions) to people who lived in homes with dirt floors, where the entire family slept in the same room…

…no electricity, no appliances, no technology…

There’s no culture of excess here.

And so if he’s telling THEM to sell their possessions, you better believe this applies to us.

9 Truths to Fight Anxiety

#1: Life is More Than Physical Things

#2: You are Valuable to God

#3: Worrying is a Waste of Time

#4: Flowers don’t Write their Future

#5: You Have a Father

#6: Seek First the Kingdom

#7: God has Given You the Kingdom

#8: Sell Your Possessions

Okay, but what in the world does selling your possessions have to do with worry & anxiety?

Well, carry the logic through…

If the physical life isn’t the most important, AND God (your loving Father!) is in control

And you are to seek Him and his purposes above all things

AND He’s already given you a blessed life in eternity…

It would run completely against the grain of those truths to then go out and say, “But I just need all of these possessions to make me feel valuable, happy, and secure”

He’s saying, if you truly trust that I’m in control, and you’re really not worrying about it…

Then why do you need all that stuff to feel like you’re in control?

Or don’t you really trust me?

If as, this verse says, your possessions really do wear out…

If your possessions can disappear

If, as 1 Timothy says, you can’t take any of your possessions with you to heaven…

If God is really in control and will take care of you…

Then why do we need all of this stuff?

And couldn’t we sell it…and give to those who are in real need?

And if we did, wouldn’t our trust level in God go up, and our worry level go down?

Most of you are going, “NO!”

But can you trust Jesus over your fear?

Jesus speaks as if we need to live with a war-time philosophy.

And so does the Book of Acts.

People are dying, and will be sent to hell without the forgiveness of Jesus. .

And many of us have the resources to give to churches, to church plants, to overseas missions…we have the resources to do something about it.

To which many of you just said in your heard: “I don’t have the financial resources…I don’t have the margin for that…my bank account is quite low”

That’s why he said, “Sell your possessions. Our funds are tied up in all of our stuff…”

All the stuff we had to have so we could show this world that we were in control and we are really somebody…that we made it!

All the things we had to have so we could control our environment and feel secure and worthwhile and safe

But God didn’t put you on this earth so you could feel safe…or secure in your possessions.

He has given you a mission.

And He has blessed you, so you could be a blessing.

The point of his blessing wasn’t so you could try and use it to reduce your anxiety

Your things won’t do that for you.


And this leads us to the last truth

(Luke 12:34) – NIV

34 For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

9 Truths to Fight Anxiety

#1: Life is More Than Physical Things

#2: You are Valuable to God

#3: Worrying is a Waste of Time

#4: Flowers don’t Write their Future

#5: You Have a Father

#6: Seek First the Kingdom

#7: God has Given You the Kingdom

#8: Sell Your Possessions

#9: Treasure Jesus

This is such an important verse in the Bible.

What you treasure…what you value…what you think about…where you give your time and energy…there your heart will be.

And if all your time is spent on your career, and how you will someday advance, and thus get more money, and thus have a nicer house, and less worries…

The opposite will be true.

Your treasure…of money…and things…will eventually be like treasure that turns to dust in your hands.

You’ll spend your whole life chasing it, but when you get it, it won’t give you what you want.

Or it’ll disappear before you know it.

But if you spend your life treasuring Jesus…He’ll give you what you need.

And you won’t need to fear…you won’t need to worry.

So when anxiety creeps back up, I want you to reach into your quiver of truths, and pull out one of these 9 arrows.

On a hard day…maybe even pull out a couple of them.

Pull out, not yet another self-help book, or another blog…pull out the word of God…

It’s living…and active…and powerful.

Open up to Luke chapter 12 and apply God’s word…and His truth to your life.

He can help you win this battle.

Let me pray.

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