House Groups

House Groups are at the core of our community here at Renovation Church. Learn more about our heart behind them and sign up for a House Group below.

What Are They?

Each House Group consists of around 30 people who meet together weekly in a house of someone from Renovation Church in Blaine and surrounding areas. We believe that House Groups are a great fit for you whether you are seeking God for the first time or you have been a Christian for a very long time!

The first half of the night is spent doing large group activities such as socializing, eating great snacks, and listening to a faith update from someone in the group. There is also a video teaching from Pastor David.

The second half of the night is spent in smaller men’s & women’s groups of 4-8 people. In these smaller groups, we open up the Bible, and support one another in real-life application of our faith. While the large group setting allows you to meet a lot of different people, the small groups enable you to get to know a few of those people really well.

Why House Groups?

Culturally, we are more isolated and alone than ever before. House Groups help you meet great Christian friends AND help you grow in your faith.

Many people never sign up for church small groups because it’s too intimidating to join a group of 6-10 people that you don’t even know. Since House Groups have so many more people, they provide an opportunity for you to find smaller groups of people that you would actually choose to connect with.

People are longing for churches where they can actually know people. Renovation Church has consistently and significantly grown over the years, but House Groups have always been a “small church” that can offer the spiritual support, physical care, and real friendship that a biblical church community is meant to provide.

If you have more questions about House Groups, read our House Groups FAQ’s.

Get An Inside Look

We think the best way to get an idea of what House Groups really look like is to watch our quick preview video.

House Group Locations

If you’d like to see where our house groups are located before you sign up, you can browse the locations of each house group by clicking the link below. Almost all of our host homes are located in Blaine or within a few miles of it. When you sign up for a house group, The House Leader will contact you with more information about where the group meets.

House Group Child Care

House Group Child Care is available on Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights when House Groups are in session. Children two months – 5th Grade can come enjoy time to play, do a craft, hear a story and make friends in their church community. All of our child care staff are background checked and trained to lead a fun night that the kids will enjoy.

We do ask for $5.00 per child to help cover the cost of staffing House Group Child Care. Cash, check or credit/debit card at drop-off. Pre-registration is not required.

SUNDAY | 6:00 – 8:30 PM





12390 Fraizer St NE, Blaine, MN 55449

If you are 16 or older and are interested in being a paid child care worker on one of these nights, please contact Brandis Mager, our House Group Child Care Coordinator.


Questions? Reach out!

Do you have questions about House Groups at Renovation Church? We’d love to hear from you! Use the form here to send us a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Small Group Leaders

We are so grateful for our amazing small group leaders and the work they put into our different House Groups every single week! If you are a small group leader, thank you for your service!  Log in to your Small Group Leader Page below to access discussion guides, videos, and more.